More of Broad City filming season 2. Yes, that is Ilana in a wig in the second photo.


chris evans is half frat boy beefcake and half tender sensitive artist who loves his family and cries at sunsets and that’s why he’s so fucking dangerous

Rihanna in Italy (Aug. 27)

I feel like so many girls don’t ask for what they want so they don’t get what they want. I know what I want and I’m just gonna ask for it. If you give it to me that’s so nice of you, if you don’t then fuck you I’m gonna keep asking until I get it. “Picky Bitch Checklist” is the anthem for bitches to stop messing with these boys that don’t give them shit. That don’t do anything for them besides take from them. Hopefully a few numbers get deleted because of this song.
— Junglepussy on Picky Bitch Checklist (via lilgivenchyprincess)

Chris Evans at the 2014 US Open tennis tournament in New York City (August 26, 2014)



Erika Alexander Explains Why White Executives Only Cast Black Actors in Stereotypical Roles 

one of the realest things i’ve ever watched


Kali Ciesemier’s Catwoman & Batman


Let us be vividly clear about this.

What the New York Times did to Michael Brown today was not merely slander. It wasn’t a case of a lack of journalistic integrity.

Highlighting that a black teenager was “no angel” on the day he is being laid to rest after being hunted and killed by racist…